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OrthoBioMech LLC
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OrthoBioMech LLC provides medical device development & injury biomechanics analysis services to the orthopedic and legal fields. The founder, Mari S. Truman P.E., has 32+ years of experience in musculoskeletal mechanics and orthopaedic device product development. While working for and with the major US Orthopaedic companies, she designed numerous instruments and implants for repair of skeletal injury. Mari founded/ran ArthroMotion (1993-1997) and Seabrook International LLC's Midwest Design Center (1999-2002). Project experience (non-inclusive):

  • Total and Hemi Joint resurfacing systems: Hip, Knee, Wrist, Ankle, Hand/Toe, CMC, PIP, DIP, Shoulder

  • Trauma Systems: Plates, specialty screws, intramedullary nails, wires, cables, external fixation systems, spinal fusion systems

  • Soft tissue reattachment systems

OrthoBiomech LLC was formed 2003 in Warsaw IN, USA, the heart of the Mid-West Orthopaedic industry. It's Design Center is dedicated to design and development support services, and short-run and prototype production for the medical device and orthopaedic industry.

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